@ the fillmore detroit
march 31, 2010

will the sober weiland please show up? those were my thoughts going into last night's show at the fillmore. after reading the blog-o-sphere yammering about his inability to finish songs, let alone stand upright recently. i was very curious about how the night would go.

but first... let me take you back to june of 2008. stp at the fillmore. this show was knock-you-on-your-ass good. weiland was ON. wily and energetic, prancing around like some kind of ancient egyptian tweaker. the setlist was epic, the band was tight and they were all having fun. the crowd was all good energy and everyone seemed like they were rocking out for their lives. great show!

less than two years later. same venue.

the house lights are on and mew's 'and the glass handed kites' was blaring through the speakers. someone walks out on stage up to the mic stand and stars blathering incoherently into it. about 20 seconds later the mew stops and the house lights drop and the band walks out. apparently that guy was weiland. way to make an entrance. so the band starts grooving into 'vasoline' and it's almost immediately obvious to me that something is off. weiland can't keep up. the song is going at it's normal pace and the crowd is singing where the lyrics should be and scott is a measure behind. so dean signals robert and eric and they make a quick adjustment to get to where scott was lyrically. not good. and that's pretty much how it went. he had almost no energy onstage. a complete 180 from two years ago. he kept taking his ear monitors out then back in. which didn't help at all. i could see the band giving each other looks during the set like 'what the fuck'. i actually felt really bad for them. the sound guys took the vocals down in the mix because he sounded like some dunk karaoke singer. so the crowd pretty much drowned him out. and the crowd... was pretty wasted i felt. also i really think the majority didn't even notice what was happening. i saw some people looking around like 'what is going on here?' but very few. the set ended with standard applause and human traffic. as i stepped out into the rock city air i decided this was the last stp show i'll ever pay for.


wicked garden
hollywood bitch
between the lines
hickory dichotomy
big empty
sour girl
interstate love song
huckleberry crumble
sex type thing
dead and bloated
lounge fly
piece of pie
trippin' on a hole in a paper heart

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  1. Tragic breakdown. I feel bad for the rest of the band as well. It's amazing the tremendous effect one bad seed can have on a performance.