FEEDBACK: HIM 04.02.10

@ clutch cargo's
april 2, 2010

so my original feedback review was going to be for another band on this tour. dommin. but they had to cancel their michigan appearance due to kristofer dommin contracting some sort of laryngitis. so this will be brief.
i admittedly had fallen off the him wagon after dark light so i wasn't too familiar with the newer material. the crowd seemed into it. i saw some girls booty-dancing to the music which i thought was strange. ville valo was very talkative [although i could hardly understand any of his ramblings]. there were many bras and panties thrown up on stage during the set. which the band seemed to enjoy. and a first for me... he didn't smoke cigarettes the entire time. good for you ville. now just grow some hair again so you don't look like a emaciated cancer patient.


like st. valentine
right here in my arms
wings of a butterfly
kiss of dawn
join me
love the hardest way
wicked game
buried alive by love
disarm me [with your loneliness]
killing loneliness
poison girl
katherine wheel
funeral of hearts
the sacrament
scared to death

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