@ The Orbit Room

May 21, 2010


ok. here it goes... my 23rd deftones show is in the bag. [my third time seeing them @ the orbit room] and it is definitely in the top 10! around midnight the night before the show the official deftones twitter posted that they needed a local opener for the show. i immediately sent an email to my friends in bahamut letting them know about the chance... low and behold... less than 12 hours later they were confirmed as the opening act! hand picked from all the submissions by chino himself! it was surreal. they warmed up the crowd to a mixed reaction. there were a few haters [to the cunt with the finger problem... i'm sorry to hear about your syphilis.] but they opened up a few mosh-pits [which helped me get right up to the barrier in front of sergio] and some people were digging them for sure. all these people really wanted was deftones to melt their faces off.
and at about 9:05 they did just that. coming out fully on their a-game they tore into 'rocket skates' to set it off, and set it off they did! living up to their namesake that shit was LOUD and they had super high energy up there. the song selection was suburb. sergio is a perfect fit. abe was sick tight on the kit. chino was running around like it was 1998! the new material sounded fantastic. [could have something to do with their writing process for diamond eyes... hmm.] a full 2 hour set with some great rarities. [can't tell you the last time i heard 'when girls telephone boys' and 'birthmark'!] would have liked to have something different besides 'back to school' maybe 'teething' or 'can't even breathe'?? and 'headup' would have been an excellent choice instead of '7 words' as the closer. [seeing as chino is tired of playing that song] but don't get me wrong, they still crushed it.
luckily i was surrounded by some true fans on the barrier. [brad marshall get at me dude!!] behind me, the crowd i'm sure was hella into it. there was a pretty steady flow of crowd surfers going over our heads [when will venues stop allowing that shit??] but the security did a great job keeping them off of our heads [for the most part] and keeping us hydrated. kudos to those guys. the crowd was constantly throwing things towards the stage and/or into the crowd. i saw: multiple hats, shirts, a yellow raincoat, a full purse, cell phones, and FULL beers. i personally want to find who was throwing those full beers and castrate that douchebag. especially when one landed on my head and SOAKED my camera right as birthmark was starting. i hadn't had a good barrier ride like that in a long time and it felt great. [didn't feel so good the next day and in fact i still have bruises] all for the love of the 'tones. getting back so late cost me waking up to buy tickets to deftones show #24 right when the switch was flipped. but you know i will be there regardless! one love for chi.


rocket skates
diamond eyes
knife prty
you've seen the butcher
when girls telephone boys
beauty school
be quiet and drive
around the fur
my own summer
back to school

7 words



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  1. I couldn't agree with you more about the stage performance; the energy up there was enthralling. Although unfamiliar with some of their older material, the show was phenomenal to this newbie. Glad your camera survived the beer bombing!