less than a year has passed since the dead weather released their fantastic debut album 'horehound' and jack white and co. are ready to drop a new record on warner bros./third man records titled: 'sea of cowards' the preliminary reviews are mixed. even jack is [proudly?] displaying a handful of negative reviews of the new material on his blog.
the full length video for 'die by the drop' was posted early on a few video hosting sites around the interweb. those sites were graciously served infringement warnings from WBR within hours. luckily i was able to watch it once before it was pulled. but don't worry kiddies!! you can download that sweetness on april 6th from itunes.
maintaining the release info... you can pre-order a 7" single of 'die by the drop' at the third man records online store starting tomorrow. the full album is released on may 11th in the USA. [one day earlier in the UK]


blue blood blues
hustle and cuss
the difference between us
i'm mad
die by the drop
i can't hear you
no horse
looking at the invisible man
old mary

and listen to the new single HERE

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